OOTD- pink seal

Whew, I just got back from Wilmington (NC) helping the B move in and get settled. (sniff, sniff)

Because I spent most of the beginning part of the week in shorts and t-shirts, I decided to actually try today. :) That means washed hair, makeup and non-t shirt and shorts clothing.

So, I give you today's Outfit of the Day: Pink Seal.

Wrap Cardigan: Moda International (via this li'l store in Charleston, SC called Oops)
Striped Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Gap (Christmas gift from my parents. They do know me so well...)

First of all, yes it IS July and I AM wearing jeans and longish sleeves. 1) My office and pretty much the entire building is FREEZING cold with the AC running. 2) The wrap cardigan is very lightweight and a bit sheer. 3) It's a dreary, rainy day today and I didn't want to get wet outside and then freeze in the AC. 

I like the idea of naming my outfit posts.* Do you? I'm calling this one Pink Seal because I have on pink (that part of the name should have been fairly obvious) and seal gray. I don't think that's an official color, but it's one of my faves. It's not light gray (like a rain cloud) and it's not dark gray (like charcoal gray)...it's in between. It's the color of one of my favorite zoo animals, the seal.

Side note: Is "seal" short for "sea lion" or are they not the same thing? I should probably Wikipedia that. I'm really not an idiot I just wonder about these things... ;)

*I must confess my slight obsession with naming things. Cars, electronics, house plants and now outfits. I can't help it...
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  1. Cute outfit. I love that gray too, only I call it pewter. Oh, and sea lions have ears, seals don't.

  2. I love the naming of the OOTDs. You are very good at it. Didn't you once tell me you'd love to name the streets of a new subdivision?
    Also, seals and sea lions are two slightly different animals, I believe.

  3. I've been considering names for my new camera and kindle. It's a disease called... "Namingitis" :) p.s. Love the outfit! p.p.s. The B being far away is no fun :(

  4. I've never even considered naming my CAMERA!

    Jill, my dream job is subdivision street namer.

    Thanks for y'all's insight for the difference between sea lions and seals!

  5. lovely color! i love pink!!


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