Wednesday, July 20, 2011

what does seafoam rhyme with?

Hiya there!

Well, I had a friend ask me at church on Sunday what she should wear with a pair of seafoam green flats that someone gave her. I told her that I'd blog about it, both as a sneaky way to get her to read it (ha!) and as a way to allow others to benefit from it too.

We all have something in our closet that we don't quite know how to wear or what to wear it with, right?
Well, just in case you're like my friend and have something that is seafoam green (side note: I can't think of any word that rhymes with 'seafoam'. end side note.) this will help you know what colors you can wear.

Of course we know that most neutrals (including my most favorite, navy blue) can be worn with this color, but why not experiment with a few other colors too?!?!

Here you go:

Seafoam green will look fab with anything in that hue family including a darker teal, navy blue, lighter blue or gray. Of course, you could always be gutsy and try it with a dark purple, a berry pink or even a pretty coral color. Any of those would go really well with this color.

Okay! That's all for today, y'all! Sorry for the short post. I'll be back from Kansas on Thursday night so I'll be posting more goodness for you soon.


  1. Chrome, comb, dome, gnome, home, roam (or Rome), or my personal favorites Shalom and metronome. When you live with small children you become obsessed with rhymes. :)

    I had several seafoam maternity tops that I loved but I haven't worn them in years (and never intend to wear them again!). Maybe I should consider a new seafoam top.

  2. First, you do not need to trick me into reading your blog! I read it every day. Second, I'm wearing the exact color palette today of option 2, but without the seafoam green flats and with gray instead of light blue. I wonder if that still counts. If only I had checked the blog before I went to work, I would've gone with the seafoam green flats. Instead I'm wearing some olive green sandals, mostly because the olive green looks almost gray so I thought it would be okay with the gray skirt. I am so helpless.

  3. Thank you for the rhyming words, Selah. :)

    Jill, you're not helpless! You came up with a pretty color palette all by yourself!! Before I'd even posted this blog! That's not helpless....

    Next time, just do the seafoam green instead of gray. Or, you could try one of the other palettes.

  4. I'm wearing another april inspired outfit today. Navy blue skirt, white shirt, yellow cardi, chunky necklace (old April style, I suppose.)

  5. Yay! I love that outfit. It's so very nautical and cute!!!! You should think about posting pics. :)


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