Tuesday, September 20, 2011

top 5 tuesday: have it your way

I'll thank the lovely B for today's blog post inspiration. He enjoys teasing me about how I like my eggs. It got me thinking about how for many foods and drinks, people like to "have it their way". You like their eggs cooked a certain way or take your coffee a certain way. To you, it's JUST right. You know what I mean?

For today's Top 5 Tuesday, it's the top 5 things that I have to get my way or else I won't eat or drink it.

1) Eggs. I only do scrambled to the point that they aren't shiny anymore. I like 'em so done they are almost dry and I can eat 'em with a fork. With salt. Occasionally, with some American cheese. Mmmmm.

2) Grits. Slightly creamy with butter and either cheddar or American cheese. Only.

3) Wine. Slightly sweet and smooth. Red or white. Definitely not dry.

4) Cereal. Dry cereal only with no milk. The only exception is regular Cheerios with sliced bananas and 1/4 of a cup of skim milk.

5) Tuna. I only eat canned (or in a pouch) tuna with ranch dressing and dijon mustard. Occasionally a hard boiled egg chopped up. No relish or mayo on my tuna. No way.

What about y'all? What are your "have it your way" foods or drinks?

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And a special Happy Birthday shout-out to my Mom! She knows how to make my scrambled eggs and grits JUST RIGHT. Love you Mom!


  1. Things I need my way:
    -coffee - super sweet, super creamy
    -chocolate - dark, please
    -men - only DCB will do


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