Thursday, September 22, 2011

hair dare: the results

Last week I posted a Hair Dare for my readers. I've witnessed the resurgence of the some-up-and-some-down hairstyle. (I confessed that I don't REALLY know what this hairstyle is officially called, but that's what my sis and I called it growing up.) My sister is a sometimes reader. Sister?? What is the official name of this hairstyle? Sister is a hairstylist so if anyone knows, she would.

Anywho, I had 2 of y'all take me up on my Hair Dare.

The first was my bestest [real] friend in the entire earth, Amie. Being the style maven that she is, she actually rocks this look pretty often. Some people are just innately fashionable...

The next participant was my newest [blog] friend Kate! Seriously, she and I are probably twins that were separated at birth. Side note: This is the hair color that I've ALWAYS wanted. Deep, rich, brown. Ahhh.

And here is my attempt this week...

Hooray for some-up-and-some-down/half-up hairstyles!! Join me for another Hair Dare coming to ALOTAT very soon!


  1. Love this! I never do my hair this way but your challenge inspired me :)

  2. I love yours. My new short hair style looks a little ridiculous like this, but I do rock the half up half down when I'm working out hard these days.


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