Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my first VLOG

I was tagged in an accent VLOG from Kimberly at A Little Bit of This (one of the blogs I sponsored for September) that was originally from this blog. I've never done a Video Blog Post before, but I thought I would make my first one about accents, because, who doesn't love accents??

I'm tagging Kate from Kindly Kate, Kim from A Cuppa Kim and Jill from Lost and Not Found in this VLOG!! Ladies, let me know if you post one!

Okay, and now for my VLOG. Comment away, y'all! (DANG, that thumbnail is sseeexxxxyyy, right?)

A few comments after the initial watching:
-the sound at the end is my dog, Hewitt shaking (it's actually his collar)
-I now know what the most unflattering camera angle is...this one
-I have also learned never to do a VLOG in the evening after work with flat hair and worn off makeup

The end.


  1. this is hilarious. just saying.


  2. OMG! OMG! OMG! You made me laugh OUT LOUD! Especially at the end with your face, thanks for the reward. Can we be best friends now?? HA!

  3. Bekah, I'd be honored to be best friends! HAHA!! Confession: I laughed out loud too when I watched it back. Is that allowed? To laugh hard at yourself? :)

  4. so super cute! i'm so gonna do this - just need to get around to it! :) Don't let me forget, okay?

    Some of these questions I didn't even know were things - like when the sun is shining and its raining. Like I didn't know there was a term for that! ;)

    Hahah! Okay, I can't wait to share my answers for all of those! SO FUN!

    You are cute!

  5. This is great, especially for those of us missing you in over there in Wilmington.


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