Thursday, September 22, 2011

inspiration workshop: family room

Gosh, I love participating in the Inspiration Workshop hosted on the Gussy Sews blog. It's such a great way to share my inspiration and get inspired in return!

This week's prompt is FAMILY ROOM. I love me some living room/family room photos. All you have to do is browse around on my Pinterest "Pretty Home Stuff" board to tell that. While I don't necessarily have a family to put in my family room, I still want to have a room that is inviting and open to friends, guests and maybe eventually, my own family. To keep this post from being a mile long, I'll just post a few of my favorite family rooms and tell y'all why I like them.

I love the colors and natural light in this room. The jute grass, bamboo and other natural elements help to ground the light color and bring the outdoors in.

For some of the same reasons as the first one, I love this one too. I heart the colors (aqua!!!) and the lattice/geometric patterned upholstery. The clear glass lamps and beachy accents are adorable!

This one drew me right in as soon as I saw it. The glass and beachy accents are just perfect with this room. It's not too fussy and not too fancy. The blue, green and pink accents really stand out against the white couches and table. Oh, and that table? It reminds me of something my great grandmother had a long time ago.

What about you? What kind of FAMILY ROOMS do you like?

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  1. Love how fresh and clean and bright all of these living rooms are! Gorgeous :)

  2. i just noticed you're in wilmington! we vacation there a few times a year and have family down there. we always talk about moving one day when the kids are older.

    how are you adjusting? don't you love the area??

  3. LOVE how clean and fresh these family rooms look!

  4. the colors are gorgeous...nice and calming.

  5. Yellow Finch (I know that's not your REAL name...) I'm LOVING Wilmington so far. I'm really just getting used to it and learning my way around, but it's great! I've already been to the beach and gotten sunburned! :)

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I'm glad other people share my love for this style of family room.

  6. I have a slightly sick obsession with House of Turquoise. I cannot get enough. I'm trying to convince my husband to let me completely repaint and distress my 300 year old Tibetan cabinet. It's not going so well...


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