Monday, September 5, 2011

a mixed monday

While browsing the InternetS (you must add the S to it) I often come across pictures or typography that I really like. I mean REALLY like. Sometimes, I'll pin them to Pinterest, but more often than not I just save them into a folder on my computer called "Inspiring". After doing some cleaning and purging of the files on my computer I found a lot of said pictures that I'd never done anything with.

Ergo, today's blog post is a mish-mash or mixed-in post of cool/cute/funny/ridiculous pictures that I've come across recently. If you have a random sense of humor like me, then read on and ENJOY!

This one came off of Etsy. I'm not sure what I love more about this photo; the cute li'l French Bulldog or the color palette.

As a self-proclaimed Font Snob, I absolutely LOVE this. It was sent in an email to me, so I'm not sure of the source.

I really, really, REALLY love this living room. The color palette, the finishings, the art. It's totally a decorating inspiration for me. Found on

And here's the kitchen that's on the other side of the room from the living room. I love this one so much too! The blue wainscotting is tres chic!

Interestingly enough, it has "fashion bloggers" right smack over where I live. Hmmmm.


Another one from Pinterest. I've actually been saying this a lot lately.

Do you ever have random days like this?


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