Saturday, September 10, 2011

1 tank 4 ways

Happy Saturday! I follow the lovely Mrs. Kimberly's blog and she recently posted an outfit she wore that included a coral tank top. She wasn't sure how she liked it or how she had styled it, so she asked for feedback. It got me to thinking about how something like a coral tank top can really be styled into completely different looks depending on what you wear with it.

So, that's just what I did. I took a plain, coral tank from Old Navy (and a summer wardrobe hold over) and put it in 4 different outfits and got 4 very unique results...

1 tank 4 ways 1
Man, I do love coral with green. It's so pretty!!

1 tank 4 ways 2

I dressed it up a bit more for work with a khaki skirt and a plum cardi and flats. Just because your tank is colorful doesn't mean you ALWAYS have to pair it with a neutral. Color often works with color!

1 tank 4 ways

But, for my neutral-loving sisters, this is probably a bit safer for you...and something you might actually try! Navy and camel are the complimentary colors...and they are both neutrals. The pop comes from the turquoise bag. (Because turquoise and coral also go together, too!)

1 tank 4 ways 4

This is a perfect transitional look too. Layering the tank OVER a long sleeve tee gives your top versatility as the weather changes. And if it gets too cold for sandals, swap them out for some boots and you're golden!

1 tank. 4 ways. Bam!


  1. Gorgeous! I know that mixing colours is huge this fall, and I'm trying so hard to do it without looking "clownish." These looks are so sophisticated and easy!

  2. Love all of your pairings and can't wait together more use out of my tank by trying all of your ideas!!! :)

  3. Your blog is adorable... and I just bought some plum flats! Yea me! Newly following, come see me sometime! Orangies Attic


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