Tuesday, September 27, 2011

for the gentlemen: COLOR!

Awhile back I posted a little about incorporating some fashion stuff for the guys into my blog post repertoire. So, to all of my male readers (both of you!!), here you go!

There is an alarming trend in menswear that doesn't ever seem to go away. It resurges in popularity right around this time every year. You know what trend I'm referring to? Well, I don't know the exact name, but I'll just call it the "Bleh" trend.

Basically all menswear shirts, sweaters, and long sleeve tees that come out every fall are bland, boring and bleh colors. Seriously. Don't believe me? Pay attention the next time you go shopping at what inhabits the mens section. Burgundy. Navy. Gray. Beige. Black. Tan. Light tan. Dark tan. Dark Beige. Medium beige. You get the idea...

I know lots of guys that jumped on the pastels trend for spring/summer and will rock the colors during those seasons, but for some reason, when the weather turns a bit cooler, they forget their colorful wardrobe and go back to bleh. Does it have something to do with the start of the football season? They feel the need to assert their masculinity by wearing boring colors? Perhaps. Or perhaps it is the fault of the clothing stores who don't believe our men are fashion forward enough to want to wear colors other than what they put out.

Gentlemen, let me introduce y'all to my friend Color. Color CAN be worn in the fall and winter. Just because pastels aren't appropriate doesn't mean you should drop Color completely. Take Color for a little drive and you may end up liking him. Think of it as a more everyday-appropriate version of a football jersey. Yeah.

Need some ideas?

If you normally gravitate towards dark green or navy, go for brighter blues and greens like royal blue, kelly green or teal. Wait, let me put it in "boy language", instead of Notre Dame blue, we're going more for a Boise State color.

If you normally roll with burgundy (yeesh) or maroon, try a more crimson red. Think sports teams here, guys. Less Texas A&M maroon and more Alabama Crimson.

Now, how about purple? I promise it's a very universally flattering color, guys. So, in sports-talk we're going for more of a Minnesota Vikings color to a nice plum. (I can't think of any teams who have "plum" as one of their colors. And, NO, I will not mention the team-I-do-not-speak-of who is also purple and orange.)

And finally, if any of you guys have thought about experimenting with yellows, now is the time. I'm not talking about a pale yellow which works for spring, but a deeper, richer goldy yellow. Any shades from Redskins/Packers Yukon Gold all the way to a mustardy yellow. (Again, not sure there are any football teams that use "mustard" yellow as a color.) If you normally wear a lot of gray, adding yellow to it is a GREAT way to incorporate our friend, Color. :)

Note: All clothing from Old Navy.
Note 2: B, if you're reading this, you may as well tell me which of the striped sweater zippered mock neck sweaters you like, because you'll probably get one for Christmas. I'm kind of partial to the green myself...

Good luck guys!


  1. Not only will I share this with my B, because he is most definitely a bleh color clothes kinda person, but I was totally gonna buy the green zip up thing for him. Now our Bf's can match and not even know it. (I'd insert an evil laugh here but I'm not sure how to..sooo Wahahahahaha).

  2. Love this post!! I like all of the post...but my husband...=). I could see him wearing the greens and reds.

  3. Kate, I'm seriously going to get the B the green one. That's the one he liked the best. He said he wasn't sure about the mock neck but I know he'll LOVE it. Well, at least he'll love it enough to wear it around me. HA!


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