Friday, September 23, 2011


I cannot BELIEVE it's Friday again. Bright and early tomorrow morning, I'm heading back home to Charlotte for the weekend. It's been a whole 2 weeks since I was there. I'll be back to bring another load of stuff (including clothes...because I'm out). But I did do something fun this past week...I went to the beach!! Hooray!!! And I got sunburned!! Not hooray! Anywho, I have a shiny new batch of Instagram pics to share with you today.

I'm linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged for another week of InstaFriday!!

I don't think I've shared a pic of my purty new lunchbox. Isn't it cute?? I don't feel embarrassed to carry this around at work AT ALL! HA! It's made out of scuba gear fabric so it's ... um... stretchy.

So, the B's parents came into to town this weekend and we did some of the fun touristy things that I've wanted to do but didn't have a reason to. We went to see the Battleship North Carolina in the Wilmington harbor. It was majestic and beautiful and surprisingly technologically saavvy for WW2.

We went to Wrightsville Beach this weekend too. It was really fun because for most of the day it was kind of overcast and not too hot...

But it was still "sunny" enough for me to get a KILLER sunburn. Yes, that is my leg disguised as a hamhock. I had my feet buried in the sand...hence the whiteness. Sunburn is definitely something I don't like!

Here's a shot of the B and I at the beach. We both look rough (Hi B!) but we were bummin' it that day anyway. :)

Best part of the beach trip?? I got me some purty li'l shells for a future project! I can't wait to use them for something crafty or decor-ish.


  1. I love that beach picture. And you must've sat still/had your feet buried for a long time for such a strong tan line.

  2. Found you from Life Rearranged! And, ouch that sunburn looks painful. :(

  3. Super cute little blog. I would love a beach visit right now!
    Tiffany @


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