Thursday, September 29, 2011

things I love Thursday

I'm borrowing today's post idea from Kaelah Bee's blog. She basically posts a random collection of things she has enjoyed lately. Lately, I've been! Sorta like...

This absolutely gorgeous ring.

Pinned Image

This amazing glitter eye makeup.

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These cute li'l glitterumpkins. (that's glittery pumpkins in shorthand or something)

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These subtle yet sparkly neutral nails.

Pinned Image
These sparkly crystals hanging on trees. Imagine a bunch of these interspersed with some hanging lanterns at night. Ahhhh.

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This amazingly gorge dress (and Olivia Wilde is pretty stunning too)!!

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Gorgeous cobalt blue glitter pumps.

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Every girl needs a little glitter in her life, right?

All pics courtesy of Pinterest.

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