Tuesday, September 6, 2011

top 5 tuesday: things i will and won't miss

Today's Top 5 Tuesday seems appropriately geared towards my upcoming move this weekend. Today, I'm posting 2 lists on this subject. The first will be the Top 5 things I'll miss about the city I'm moving away from (Charlotte) and the second will the Top 5 things I'll NOT miss about Charlotte.

So, without further adieu and in random order, here are ...

The Top 5 Things I'll Miss About Charlotte

1) The abundance of Targets. There are only 2 (to my knowledge) in Wilmington. :(
2) My friends and family that live here.
3) IKEA. (enough said)
4) Being close to the NC mountains. (only 2 hours or so)
5) Qdoba. There isn't one in Wilmington. Sadness...

The Top 5 Things I Won't Miss About Charlotte

1) The traffic. Sure, I've heard that Wilmington has traffic, but it can't be worse than Charlotte's traffic. Especially 485.
2) The weather. Charlotte is in a big bowl, being lower in elevation than the areas surrounding it, so it's always a lot hotter and humid and there is usually not a breeze like there would be at the beach.
3) Cost of living. It's more expensive to live in Charlotte than in Wilmington and the property taxes are ridiculously high.
4) Pollution. Charlotte is home to 2 nuclear power plants and lots of factories. Most summer mornings are gray and hazy with pollution and smog. The air quality is usually not great here and it drives my allergies crazy!!
5) Urban landscape. There really aren't a lot of natural/untouched areas in Charlotte. Unless you go to a park or a nature preserve, there is really only urban landscape and suburban sprawl. I would like to go by scenery that doesn't necessarily have powerlines and stoplights for once.

Charlotte, I will miss you, but I'm glad to go somewhere else for awhile.


  1. You're going to miss Target more than your family?

    Nuclear power plants don't generate air pollution. I'm sure all the factories don't help with your allergies though.

  2. Selah,
    No, I just thought of Target first. :) And, yes, I know the nuclear power plants don't generate air pollution, but they do generate a large plume of smoke every day that looks like a huge funnel cloud. Sometimes I still catch a glimpse of it and have a moment of panic... ;)

  3. That's just steam from the cooling towers.

  4. We will def miss you though :( but i'm very excited i now have a reason to come to wilmington! - X


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