Thursday, September 8, 2011

operation wilmington update

Hi there blog friends!!

I wanted to post a quick Wilmington update. Today is my last day at my job. :( I'll have tomorrow to get lots and lots of errands done (read: hair and eyebrows done) and see lots and lots of people and then I take off for my "soft move" on Saturday late morning. I'm referring to my 2 part move as the soft move and the hard move. The soft move is the move to my temporary location. It mostly consists of moving 2 weeks of clothing, toiletries, shoes and Hewitt's "luggage". :) The hard move is all the other stuff like furniture, kitchen stuff and the rest of my clothing and shoes. HA!

Here is my updated moving checklist. You can also keep up anytime with my moving my checking out the Operation Wilmington page on my blog. (up top in the main page menu)

Here is my moving to-do list:

-Notify landlord-
-Find homes for extra houseplants
-Purge food in fridge and pantry
-Have a yard sale for all my extra house stuff that I won't need (later)
-Find a place to live
-Find a place to stay (temporarily...until I find a place to live)
-Purchase temporary health insurance plan
-Pack all of the remaining items to be moved (eventually)
-Pack clothes/toiletries/shoes that I'll take to temporary location
-Find home for my couch
-Find home for my dining room table & chairs
-Find home & storage for the kitchen stuff I'm not taking
-Find a hidden treasure map that leads to a bunker with bags of cash

Stay tuned throughout the weekend and next week as I update more on the move and the new job. If you're on Twitter, you can follow me there for more up-to-the-minute statuses. Follow me on Twitter by clicking on the button on top of my right sidebar.

Now, off to pack more!


  1. Hey- do you need help with the hard move? If it is the weekend of Sept 24, I'm available. Let me know.

  2. I'll let you know, friend! I probably won't be certain until we get a little closer to time. Thanks!


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