Friday, September 20, 2013

Confessional Friday

Dang, it's finally Friday. This has been a LOOONNNNGGGG week, has it not?

1. I confess that I am obsessed with infographics. I don't know why information is so much cooler when put into a cool illustration, but to me that is a WAY more awesome method of delivering information.

Guide to Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors-A visual guide to Ben & Jerry's best ice cream flavors

How about an infographic on the guide to Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors? You're welcome.

2. I confess that I still don't know which fantasy quarterback to play this week. When I go through my normal "predicament settling equations" I usually come out with a clear winner but not so much this week. Except in the looks equation. Tony Romo is a lot more attractive than Matt Schaub...but then...I dislike Dallas. So...I'm back to where I started. Sigh.

3. I confess that when I got a $25 gift card to Target this week, I giggled like a little school girl and prompty scoured their website for at least an hour, looking for deals. I've got to make good on this windfall. :D

4. I confess that it made my little heart happy when eShakti tweeted one of my outfit photos!

5. I confess that I ate a lot (read 3) Lean Cuisine chicken alfredo meals for lunches this week. I guess that's not really a confession. But the fact that I instagrammed my meal and tagged @LeanCuisine to see if I could get a response and maybe some coupons, certainly is. #shameface #yesIusedahashtaginablogpost

6. I confess that I ALMOST (read....not exactly but came very close to) crying when I realized my local (favorite) grocery store was closing. Now there will just be an empty black shell of sadness on the corner.

7. Finally, I confess that I think something is wrong with the calculator thingamajig on my C25k app because yesterday it said I ran a 1:09 minute mile. Um??? Yeah. I don't think that could happen if I was running on top of a speeding car. But I don't want it to get better and be fixed. I like living in the belief that I'm an incredibly fast runner and I'm the next undiscovered female Usain Bolt. Or whatever his name is.

Okay, and on that note, I'm done. I'm linking up my confessions with Mrs. Leslie. I wish you all a very happy weekend!

Special shout out to my mom (hi mom!!) because today is her birthday. Happy Birthday mom!


  1. I had KC defense on my bench last night... that would have been 25 points! I'm so mad. And one of my RB's is down, and the other one kinda sucks. Gah! Love those outfits! And I may have just repinned that guide, because it's pretty awesome sauce. Have a great weekend!


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