Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall's IT Color

Ladies and germs, today's blog post is all about a color that just happens to be one of my faves.


And it just so happens to be Fall 2013's IT color for fashion trends. Don't believe me? Check out this, this and this.

I'm just a little partial to this color...just a tiny bit...

Blue is a power color. Well, maybe just to me it is. I love wearing it! But, this shade of blue is flattering to all skin tones whether you've got an olive complexion, dark complexion or a paleish-pinky-slightly-orange-due-to-Loreal Sublime Bronze skin tone like mine. :)

Check out some of these cobalt blue items available now. Each of these is under $50. Whether you want to go all in with a cobalt dress or sweater or just do a hint of it with a necklace or nail polish, this is definitely a color you should try this fall.


cobalt by aprilanne147 featuring short sleeve dresses

Do you like cobalt blue? Would you ever wear this color?



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