Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 5 Things I Never Thought I'd Say

Every once in awhile, I'll catch myself saying something that I never thought I would EVER say. Maybe I've just come to a certain realization or maybe I've slowly convinced myself of some truth, but when I say it, I'm caught off guard because I can't believe those words actually came out of my mouth.

So, what are some of the things I never thought I'd say?

1. "I'll take a side of steamed veggies, please."
As a self-proclaimed vegetable...um...disliker, I never EVER thought I'd get to the place where I order steamed veggies as a side. Now, when I go to a restaurant and order steak or a chicken dish, it's what I crave. Like, the delish steamed veggies at TGI Fridays. Y'all, it is amazing! I get the 6 oz sirloin, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies. It's like they were all three meant to be together. Just like bananas and bologna and Miracle Whip. On white bread.

That's for another blog post.

2. "That's a really cute cat."
Okay, take a breath cat lovers. I never have really liked cats. I mean, sure, I would never hurt one...but I would never own one either. Part of that is due to the fact that I am crazy allergic to them. Part of it is because they are sneaky and weird. Now that the allergic part is being dealt with (thank you allergy shots since last October) I'm able to actually be around them for a little while and, well, not die. Being around them lets me see that some cats have cute personalities. So, that makes them kind of cute?

3. "Let go Cowboys! Let's go Patriots!"
I loathe both of these NFL teams but I find myself rooting for players on both teams because I have them in my Fantasy Football roster. It's the weirdest thing to have such an inward struggle with an ingrained team hatred and a competitive desire to win. Am I right?

4. "I like that camo hat."
Ever since the introduction of M into my life, the amount of camo items in my wardrobe has doubled. Meaning, I went from zero to two items. Still, that's technically doubled. So, now, I find myself noticing camo (hunting, not military) items when we go to sporting goods stores and...GASP...commenting on how I like them and could potential entertain the idea of wearing such an item! Craziness, I tell you.

5. "Sure, let's watch more of The Walking Dead."
M definitely got me hooked on this show and I pretty much only agreed to watch it because he enjoys it so much. But, it's actually pretty good and the plot is addicting! It's not nearly as much about zombies as I thought and there are lots of subplots that keep the show interesting. Anyone else had this revelation about TWD? It's really not a bad show. Well written with pretty good acting. :)

What are some things you never thought YOU would say?


  1. I started buying the steam fresh bags of cauliflower and broccoli-- and I really like them (although I do put some shredded cheddar on top). As for Camo, it grew on me as well.

  2. I love love love veggies, but it still sounds weird asking for them as a side!

  3. This whole post made me laugh. I cannot believe you have had positive feelings toward felines.

    I wish I could think of things. Oh, I just thought of one...
    "Eww that Indian food smell makes me want to vomit." (Stupid pregnancy nose ruining my favorite type of food.)

    Also, "Luna isn't such a bad dog."

    HA- I lie. I'll never say that.

  4. my second attempt to post a comment, I'm not into blogs. So this is a test before I spill my heart out about TWD

    1. it worked! I made fun of TWD and then somehow got hooked too, can't wait for October and new season! If your neck is hurting maybe it's your mattress, you should give it to me,
      love you ali

    2. I love that you commented! It makes me happy! :)

      It could be a mattress problem...but then getting rid of it would put me in a larger problem, wouldn't it?

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