Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What's Your Pump Personality?

I think you can tell a lot about a person by the type of pump (high heel shoe) they prefer. So, choose your absolute fave from above and look to see if my analysis is correct. If you don't normally wear heels, choose the heel you'd pick if you were dressing up for a wedding or fancy dinner.
1. Platform
You like fashion and comfort, since a platform pump is not only trendy, but usually a little easier to walk in. You're fairly trendy and enjoy keeping up with fashion magazines but you might not bow to every single trend that comes around. You're likely to wear these pumps with skinny jeans and a trendy top. Or, a really cute cocktail dress and lipstick. And glitter. You probably shop at places like Forever 21, Body Central or Wet Seal. 

2. T-Strap
Sensible and practical are your two middle names. You love cardigans and wool and you probably wear glasses (for which you have an actual prescription for). You love to layer and tend to wear more rich jewel tones and earth tones than brights. You might be into thrift shopping or finding your clothing on clearance at Target and Old Navy.

3. Pointy Stiletto
Divas. You couldn't care less about practicality or comfort because you love the look of these pointy, sky-high heels. You're the Wilhemina Slater of your group and wear lots and lots of black. You are a department store diva, for sure! Hello Nordstrom!

4. Chunky Heel/Animal Print
Also practical, you're willing to embrace these trends with your arms wide open. Both the leopard print and the chunky heel are current trends, but they are fairly "do-able" for the average woman. You might experiment with neutrals and colors but aren't really into pattern-mixing and you're likely to express your outfit creativity with your shoes. You like to buy expensive brands at discount retailers like TJ Maxx or Marshalls and occasionally shop at Old Navy, Gap and the Limited.

5. Oxford
Sorry, but you're a hipster. :) And I say that with the most loving tone. You love coffee, pumpkin lattes, The Civil Wars and probably wear glasses that you DON'T have a prescription for. You probably shop at places like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. 

6. Kitten Heel
You probably chose these because they are the lowest-height heel out of the whole list. You probably also hardly ever wear heels and prefer to wear flats to work and for dressier occasions. You might be sort of sporty or athletic and probably enjoy the outdoors and outdoor activities. You're a mixed bag in the shopping department since you often enjoy finding clothes from multiple retailers like Wal Mart, Target, Old Navy, H&M and department stores.

How'd I do? Was I completely off base? Close? Sort of randomly close to being right? It's okay...I can take it. :) 

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  1. I think you got me on the kitten heel. Fun post!

    1. I was thinking about you with the kitten heel. :) But they are really comfy!

  2. Haha, I kind of think it was based off of a whole lot of nothing. I have shoes that look like all of them above... it's called being a girl!

    1. HAHAHA, Erin, I have at least one pair of most of the shoes above too. I love heels!!

  3. I am definitely #4! HAHA! I love practical footwear with a little somethin' extra

    and YES! Im guilty of shopping for name brands at discount retailers :)


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