Over the Weekend

Over the weekend, there were all sorts of shenanigans. College football watching - sausage dip consuming - nature walks - plaid shirts - picnic lunch - shopping - and much more! I'm linking up my weekend recap with Sami and Syndal and I've posted a few of the weekend photos below!

It was finally cool enough this weekend to rock my new gingham shirt. Y'all I'm obsessed! I loved it so much. I kind of want to get more since they have new prints now... :)

Hewitt is a sleepy scientist. He loves the sun and literally moves with it to sleep all over the house.

M and I explored this GORGEOUS local state park nearby on Sunday afternoon. It's about 30 min from where I live and right on the river. How beautiful!! 

We packed a picnic lunch, Hewitt and our hiking shoes and spent the afternoon in the beautiful scenery enjoying the awesome weather.

While we were eating, we noticed another furry-ish friend joined us. He was just walking on our picnic cooler minding his own business. I removed him and put him in a nearby tree. M was weirded out by him. HA!

Always one of us is doing a funny face and the other is doing a normal one. Also, you'll notice I've retired my Loreal Sublime Bronze Towelettes for the season. :)

Hewitt was patrolling the water and the shoreline for large birds and squirrels.

What did you do this weekend?
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  1. You had me at sausage dip! That sounds so yummy!! Cute outfit ... perfect colors for fall!!

  2. Do you know what that furry yellow bug thing is? We've had a couple in our backyard and Selah is drawn to them like a magnet. They do look nice and cuddly... :)

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