Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[Long] Weekend Shenanigans

Oh how I love long weekends. It feels like cheating or playing hooky when you get that extra day added on the weekend.

And then there is always Tuesday.

Boo. Hiss. Bleh. I never really liked a Tuesday and this doesn't make it much better. But, at least we can hold on to the weekend a little more by reliving it through photos, right?

So, good news/bad news situation here. Bad news (always first!!) I had quite a few delicious desserts this weekend. Good news - I completed Week 2 of C25k and started Week 3. So - a win/loss really. But doesn't that just cancel each other out?! I'm hoping so...

This photo is completely staged. I can't really describe what possessed me to do this. Also, I own none of these items...they all belong to M. However, don't I look rather much like a Bad A?

See description on the first photo. 

This guy. He was so cute this weekend. And he was such a food beggar. It didn't matter what anyone was eating - if it was going into their mouth, he wanted it. 

I witnessed the great Wooly Worm migration of 2013. It was exhilarating and also sad because every time a car drove by I knew more were being annihilated. Luckily a lot made it across the road. :) 

And finally, my long weekend ended with my Fantasy Football league draft. M helped me pick what I think will be a great team. He helped me realize that picking the players that are precious is not a winning strategy. But I stood firm on a few of my faves...cough...Jimmy Graham...cough Tony Romo. :)

I'm linking up my long weekend shenanigans with Sami.


  1. i'm just chiming in here to say i'm in my first fantasy football league this year as well. :)
    i'm really excited about it. :)


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