Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lists and Lists

I'm a list person. At any given time I have a few running lists. I have multiple notebooks in which I put my lists and my lists vary in topic from work-related tasks to personal errands.

Currently, I am working on lists for:

  • My work tasks (a to-do list)
  • This year's Christmas gifts (for friends and family)
  • Short-term (this calendar year) future planning goals and tasks
  • A grocery list
  • A list of things I need to do around the house
  • My favorite dog names

Are you a list person? What sort of lists do you keep?


  1. I am huge about lists. Here's the top ten lists on my phone:
    1) Christmas presents (for me)
    2) Complete TV shows that I binge watched during Summer 2013
    3)To do
    4) Groceries
    5) Things I need to do for my sister's upcoming 40th birthday
    6) TV shows I plan to binge watch
    7) Expensive things that I will need to buy someday
    8) possible Halloween costumes
    9) Things to go on my next Vision board
    10) movies I've seen in 2013

    1. Oooh these are good. I might steal some of your ideas. :)

  2. I usually have a list of music to dowload, a list of things I want, a list of things I need from the store, and a seasonal To Do list. Then I have my regular daily to do lists.

  3. I make list all the time, but, honestly, I rarely stick to them.

  4. I make multiple lists every day. I always have a ton of on-going lists on my phone notes app. Here are my top ten:

    2)Halloween Costume Needs
    3) Want (for Christmas or Birthdays)
    4) Artists to look up on Spotify
    5) Funny Quotes
    6) Jill's Funny Quotes
    7) This Week
    8) Books to Read
    9) Harry Potter Trivia Questions
    10) Rachel's Wedding (things I need to do for it)

  5. I love a good list! I currently have a list of books to read, stocking stuffer ideas, restaurants to try, things to get done before the weekend, runs to get in! I list everythingggg!


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