Monday, March 11, 2013

Blog Loves of Late


I try hard to keep up with my "Blogroll" page in my upper menu bar. Basically, this is an ever-growing list of blogs that I follow and read on the daily.

Lately, I've come across so many new blogs that I felt I should share my good fortune!! Below is a list of a few new blogs I've been reading (and loving!) lately...

1. Hems for Her - A blog about a plus-size fashionista Katie who happens to be a teacher IRL. :)
2. Hello Gorgeous! - A girl's life in outfit posts. I seriously love every single outfit she wears.
3. Kaliwood - A KY girl's take on life (with lots of awesome DIY projects).
4. Life of Meg - This sweet lady just got married this weekend!!
5. PinkLouLou - This southern lady is all about big hair, monograms and other pretty pink stuff.
6. ML - She's a photog who has great taste in clothes, jewelry and men. (She did marry my cousin, after all!)
7. Sama ipsa Loquitur - This lawyer gal has excellent fashion sense and an even better sense of humor!
8. The Pear Shape - Her tagline says is best: Fashion for the hip-endowed.

Any new blogs you've stumbled across lately? I'd love for you to share!!


  1. I've been reading Hems for Her for almost a year. Katie is AWESOME.
    Some of my other favorites are:
    1) Caitlin went on a clothing spending fast for the entire year of 2012! Her blog started as a way to document her outfits and has now morphed into a fabulous Christian living blog.
    2) Georgette is a lovely plus size fashion blogger who LOVES bright colors.
    3) Melissa writes lots of book reviews and bookish posts. Any girl who loves Jane Austen and Doctor Who is cool in my book!

    1. I'd totally forgotten that you mentioned Hems for Her a long time ago and when I checked it out again it connected. She'd cut her hair since then so I didn't get it at first. You totally get the creds for introducing me!! :)

      I'll have to check out the others. Again, I feel like I did at one point, but who knows...i sometimes get distracted...oooh, sparkles...

    2. Well, I wasn't looking for credit but I'll certainly take it! I know I've mentioned Caitlin and Georgette to you before. Avid Reader's Musings is a new one for me. I LOVE to read but sometimes I need a kick in the pants to get me started on a book. :)

  2. Aw thanks, girl! I read (aka stalk) you on the reg :) Um.. and I love gossip girl! ((Do you miss it as much as me??))

    1. I DO miss it! And I totally your blog on the reg too.

  3. such a fun set of links. and believe it or not, i followed the rabbit trail and found the blog of someone i knew IRL (one of my sisters friends), CRAZY!


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