Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile Thursday

I'm switching up the blog post title a little from my normal Thursday post. I thought "Things That Make Me SmileThursday" would be more appropriate. So, sit down and rest a spell while you read. Oh, and I dare you not to smile at least once while reading... :)

{This kitchen and the blue island!}
{My results of this quiz totally put into words what I feel!}
{Chocolate Stamps?!?! Now, when are these coming to 'Murricah?}
{This boy makes me smile.}
{Annndddd, so does this one.}
{Seriously. Why has no one thought of this for real?}
{MEN! Can we bring this back y'all? Please?}

A few other things that make me smile: this news story (the headline!!!!) | This dress!! | this GIF (love JLaw!) | Sloth Potato! | Yep, yep! Frozen Peach Bellini recipe.




That last one? You're welcome. May it haunt your dreams.

Happy Thursday, y'all! Don't forget to enter to win a bunch of awesome warm weather stuff in the group giveaway I'm a part of. Click here to enter!

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