Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday, y'all!

I'm sharing some fun, cute and cool things that I found this week on The Internets. Enjoy!

//This helpful cheat sheet for what kinds of necklaces to wear with various clothing necklines.
How to Accessorize Popular Necklines
//Trying this tutorial tomorrow!

//But it might end up looking more like I used this tutorial.

//Check out this gorgeous Etsy photography shop.

//Cuteness alert!

My fat, furry baby

//I've actually never tried a winged eyeliner before, but this tutorial makes it seem pretty easy to do.

//I'm loving the color scheme of the new spring Kate Spade line.

//This seems like it would be the most disgusting tasting thing ever. I'll stick with my Chocolate Fudge...or S'Mores.
//Bad news. Very, very bad news. This week I discovered a little online gem called the J Crew Factory Store.

//This awesome homemade face bronzer is really something I would try. Would you?

//I wonder if this is true or photoshopped? If it's true, it might explain why so many young girls have self-esteem issues.

//Speaking of chocolate, I'm thinking of trying this recipe out this weekend...but I need to first figure out where my local health food stores are. [Shameface.] 


  1. Both of those Ponytails are AMAZING. So much that I'm sure I would not be able to do them.
    I haven't seen a Barbie doll lately, but that 90s doll looks exactly right.

  2. I am soooo happy to see that neckline cheat sheet :) Will come in handy.


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