Friday, March 8, 2013

Root Canals & Recipe Perfections

Hola Blogaritas!

Happy Friday.

I thought I might change it up this week and just give y'all some good ol' updates on moi. Apparently, some of you care about me and my life and don't just tune into TSF every week day for the outfit posts and fashion advice. Who knew?!?!

So, I'm going to stick with my vow to include more details on my life with today's post. Ready?

//I had a root canal yesterday. Technically I had a root canal and 4 cavities filled all on one side of my mouth. People, being completely (and I mean completely) numb on one whole side of my face meant a few things. 1) I could only chew on one side of my mouth. 2) I literally could not drink anything without spilling it all over myself until I discovered the power of a drinking through a straw. 3) I had to walk around looking like this for the rest of  the day.

 You do realize that because I have shared this with y'all that we have all now crossed into THAT place. That place where I share completely unflattering, yet hilarious photos of myself with you solely for your viewing pleasure. You should feel privileged.

//Things with M and I are still going...and going well. We have officially crossed into that stage where he allows me to accompany him while shoe shopping. (Oh, you didn't know that's a "stage"? It totally is.)

//This little guy is still as cute (and ornery) as ever. He thoroughly dislikes baths.

//In other news, my job is good...albeit a bit stressful at times. I'm really enjoying living back in Charlotte. Though I loved Wilmington, Charlotte just feels like home.

//This week I made homemade hibachi chicken and vegetables. (And perfected my own recipe, IMO.) I feel like that + my current obsession with Japanese food is going to make that a weekly staple in my house. Maybe I'll eventually get tired of it...but who knows?!

And...I think that's it. Oh, let me leave you with these...I thought I read somewhere that this guy's name is Little Sebastian. I might be wrong. Either way, he's adorbs...


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  1. Little Sebastian is the name of the miniature pony on Parks and Rec! It might be the same little guy!


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