Friday, March 29, 2013

Confessional Friday

Hello there! It's been a hot minute since I did a Confessional Friday post. [Okay, it's been like 4 a little longer than a hot minute. Coincidentally, my last Confessional Friday post started with the same "hot minute" phrase as well. Apparently, this is a part of my middle school gangsta vocab that, unlike my southern accent, I cannot drop.]

When I remember it’s Friday and not Thursday.

First of all, can I get a Halleluyer 'cuz it's Friday?!?!

Moving on...

//1 I confess that I think TJ Maxx is slowly becoming another of those ridiculous blog sponsor epidemics. This makes me sad because I do like "The Maxx" and I don't want to have to boycott it like I did Gap Skimmers and Firmoo glasses when they invaded blogland.

//2 I confess that I feel slightly guilty for loving Easter so much when a lot of my Easter love is because of the influx of cute animals, pastels and candy. I, of course, recognize the true reason for Easter but I probably get way more excited for pastel M&Ms than I really should. #shameface

//3 I confess that I saw 3 people I know at Target yesterday and expertly avoided all of them. I can't...I just...I have this thing about seeing people out in public and small talk. It's always awkward with me.

//4 I confess that I think you're NEVER too old to receive an Easter basket. ;)

//5 I confess that I'm so anxious to start wearing dresses and skirts bare-legged (no tights) that I might just do so even before it's really properly warm enough outside.

//6 I confess that sometimes eating healthy upsets my stomach more than eating unhealthy. That's a bad sign, right? Taco Bell NEVER upsets my stomach. :)

//7 I confess that I just recently learned that there are different types of booties. (No, no the baby kind.) The rear-end, the caboose, the bum, the bootay. THAT thing. Did you know there are different types of them? The apple-bottom, the tear drop, the flat, etc. Blows my mind, really.
 What has blown your mind this week??

Happy Friday!! 


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  2. The link to the other confessionals is bad. I haven't tried it on a desktop but on my mobile it took me to a VERY bad website. You may have been hacked.

    1. Hey Selah, thanks for letting me know! I corrected the link and changed my login password just to be safe.

      Have a great weekend!

  3. I was so going to wear a dress today. SICK OF PANTS!

    I will never boycott TJ Maxx on the whole. I love it too much. Although if it gets insane I will stick to Marshalls and Ross! A pox on Gap skimmers and Firmoo. hahaha


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