Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends. Let's celebrate the almost start of the weekend, shall we?

//I will probably make this deliciousness this weekend.

Banana Pudding Poke Cake Recipe

//Is this real?

//I wonder if these fan trips are still going on? I'd be down to go for sure!


//To this I say, "No thanks." I can't believe anyone would ever do this. It's borderline disrespectful to the actual tragedy and who in the heck wants to pay for a cruise with no TVs? Cray.
However, this comment is hilar: 

  • Just curious, since we're trying to recreate the romance here, will there be an option for underclass passengers to rescue desperate upper-class passengers trapped in loveless engagements? Also, since the lifeboat compliment for Titanic II is being increased, can we expect their wardrobe doors to be getting a similar upgrade?

//Y'all. This blog. Hilar. Also, this illustration is so true.

//I just ordered this beaut online. I'm thinking it's going to to be my new favorite work/Easter dress. However, now that I've said that, watch it fit all weird and stuff. Then I will have a sad face.

//I kind of have a minor girl crush on Krystin. I love her style so much. But it's also edgier than I normally wear so it inspires me to take more wardrobe risks. Plus, she's just presh. Check out her blog here.


//Technically, this isn't something I love, but it is interesting. When Google announced that they were doing away with Google Reader, there was a mass exodus to many other popular feed readers like Bloglovin. The influx of traffic even shut down their website for awhile. Now, I've had a TSF Bloglovin' page for awhile, but it always topped out at about 30 or so readers. Since the news, my readership has grown by like 400% or something. (Don't actually quote me on the numbers.) Cray.
Am I still one of those people who actually just goes down the "Blogs I Follow" area when I log into Blogger and click on each blog individually? Guess so... heh.
//Not to brag or anything, but my high school's boy's basketball team won the North Carolina state championships on Saturday. Now, THAT'S some good news! Aren't these boys presh? I'm so proud!

//We all need a little dose of cuteness, right? Here are some adorable baby zoo animals for your viewing pleasure.

//Why do I love this guy so much? I need to know about him. Is he real? Is he computer-generated? What is his name? I thought it was Little Sebastian, but I'm not sure.



  1. So many thoughts from this blog.
    1) I bet those Jane Austen trips are still going on. And I would definitely go with you if you want. Structured travel may work better for us.
    2)I'm mega upset about Google Reader. I don't know what I'm going to do without it.
    3) Lil Sebastian is the name of the miniature horse from parks and rec. Have you never seen Parks and Rec?
    4) I'm not a Pug person, but that Pug/Rug picture made me chuckle.

    1. Man, I would TOTALLY be down for the Jane Austen P&P trip.

      Also, I don't think I've ever watched an entire episode of Parks and Rec. Is that weird?

    2. The first season was not great, but I think you would love it.

  2. the san francisco horse is real. :)
    our perfect game pitcher, Matt Cain, is nicknamed the Horse.
    you might see a few horse heads around the ballpark. ;)

    and brag your hs basketball heart out. :)
    when i was a sophomore our team came in 2nd for state champs.
    the boys on the team that won are all in the NBA now. :)
    your boys have some exciting years ahead i'm SURE!


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