Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Drugstore Beauty Reviews & A Giveaway!

As a self-proclaimed makeupaholic, I frequently peruse the aisles of my local drug stores [and super Targets] in search of new and interesting beauty products. Often, I find some things that earn a permanent place in my makeup baskets. Other times, I end up with a dud. I love reading when other bloggers review makeup items they've purchased, so I decided to review a few of my own.

e.l.f Studio Bronzer in Golden Bronzer
Inherently cautious of any bronzer because of my pale skin, I bought the absolute lightest powder bronzer I could find. After all, the last thing I wanted to look like was a baby who'd eaten too many carrots. However, this is actually really, REALLY light. I find myself having to put a LOT of it on to look like I even have a hint of bronze. With most bronzers, less if more, but with this, it has very light pigment. And it's very metallic and shimmery, which is good...but when it's layered it's a bit shiny for daytime.

e.l.f. Studio Complexion Brush
I use this brush to apply my powder foundation every day. I LOVE it. I actually love it better than the other expensive brushes that I bought to use with my foundation. It is very soft and doesn't shed hairs like many other brushes do. I highly recommend this brush.

I'm a self-proclaimed mascara fiend. (Well, mascara and lipstick...) I was excited to try this out but a bit disappointed in the results. This mascara does give excellent separation (to avoid the spider look) but doesn't produce enough volume, in my opinion. I had better results from other similarly-priced mascaras, so I won't be purchasing this again. However, I do want to try the Rimmel Scandal-eyes mascara, so that might be my next purchase. 

Dream Fresh BB
This provides very little coverage for the claims. I could see this being used alone as more of a tinted moisturizer in the summer (beachside or poolside) but by itself it doesn't really do much. Having the SPF 30 IS helpful though, if you choose to wear this alone. Overall, I think sticking to the more expensive BB creams is probably your best bet unless you're looking for something with very light coverage. I will say that it doesn't feel greasy or oily, so that's definitely a plus. 

This nail polish is the bomb. (Yes, I did just say "the bomb". I was a 90s child, okay?) It really does set AND dry very quickly. I'm not completely sure it holds up to the 60 second claim, but it sure is dry in less than 5 minutes. When you are busy or just blogging, it's awesome to have a quick dry option for your nails. And, they have some awesome colors. I'm currently sporting a dark "greige" called Park Avenue. 

On a whim I purchased this lipstick in Heather Shimmer and it is my new favorite lipstick. I'm on my 3rd tube of it. The worst part about this lipstick is that it's very hard to find. Most drugstores carry their other line "Kate" and not this line. Heather Shimmer is a lot less purple-y unlike the photo. I just love this color and I wear it everyday. Proof below...

Okay, so those are my latest drug store beauty reviews. Are there any new favorites on your list?

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  1. Does the NY polish wear well?

    I need a new face brush, I'll check that one out.

    1. I like the NY polish. After 2 days I usually need to touch up, but I'm also unusually hard on polish. :)


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