Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[P]infamous and Self-Tanner Question

I discovered an interesting thing the other day while on Pinterest.

People have pinned outfit photos (and a few other assorted photos) from this blog on to Pinterest. Whoa! Talk about major cray! I never thought anyone would pin some of my outfit photos on to their Pinterest style boards. That's a HUGE compliment. That anyone likes my style enough to pin is like...yeah...mind. blown.

Anywho, it was totally interesting which outfits people pinned. Some of them were outfits I never would have thought would get picked up, but did. Weird how that works, right?

Looking back over these is a nice dose of inspiration. I can't wait for warmer weather so I can start [fake] tanning again and wear all of my brights! Yay! Is it bad that's what I've gleaned from this post? 

Side note: I need a new self-tanner that doesn't smell like pee. Any advice? Suggestions? I might have already tried it. I'm VERY particular about smells and I've yet to find one that doesn't smell like pee. Ugh. It's really about finding something that doesn't smell like pee AS MUCH as others. Again, any suggestions are welcome. 

And...the end.


  1. Victoria's Secret has a few self tanners and they mostly smell like coconut. one of my close girlfriends used it all through college and always looked natural.

  2. I use sally hansen leg makeup. Just on my legs until I get color all over. Works when you are wearing a cardigan and skirt, but need some color on the legs. Super easy to apply, no scent, and comes off with soap and water.

  3. Do you use a self tanner for your face? I'm looking for one for sensitive skin.

    1. I did. I will probably use the same one again this year. It's by Clarins and it's called Instant Bronze self-tanning tint for face or Instant Smooth Golden Glow. Loved them. But if use a different one that I like better, I'll pass it along.


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