Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yellow? Can You Hair Me?


It's a color I absolutely love...(think owning a yellow car, having a yellow painted room and the like)...but a color I have difficulty knowing how to wear. I've blogged about my struggles with wearing yellow before. So, I thought that since yellow is a very hot color for Spring, it might be helpful to share some yellow-wearing tips with you.

I think wearing yellow has a lot to do with a few things: namely your hair color, skin tone and the other colors you wear with it. When finding the right shade of yellow, you should consider your hair and skin tone. Is your hair warmer-toned or cool-toned? (Generally, most brunettes and red heads are warm toned.) Is your skin warm or cool toned? Do you have a fairly neutral shade of both? Something else you should consider is what other colors you are wearing the yellow with.*

The Best Yellow For Your Hair Color

This is a little something I put together to help you figure out your best shade of yellow. A few things to note: 1) You dark brunette ladies (like Zooey) can pretty much wear whatever shade of yellow that you want. You jerks. 2) Pale blondes like me can really only get away with darker or more saturated yellows unless the yellow is not up next to the face and hair. 3) Notice that the lemon yellow (or a bright, vibrant yellow with no apparent cool or warm tones) is universally flattering, in my opinion.

Do you like yellow? Do you wear it?

*I feel most people can wear almost any shade of yellow as long as it isn't near their face or hair. (If it's not an ideal shade.) I've worn pale, pale yellow under a cardigan so it wasn't up close to my face or hair.

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  1. My coloring is very similar to Zooey's and I cannot wear the pale yellows. They wash out my skin, which makes my hair look even darker, and the overall effect is very harsh. I do love the bright lemony yellows and I'm on the lookout for a cute top in that shade (I had one but it was OLD and worn out). Right now the only yellow in my closet is a pair of canary yellow shorts. I can't wait for it to warm up so I can wear them!


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