Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday: Cardigans

Today's Top 5 Tuesday post is dedicated to my absolute favorite piece of clothing ever...the CARDIGAN.

The cardigan, cardi-for short, is a sweater in all respects. However, to me, it's so much more than that. It's something to keep me warm, it's a pop of color, it's a conservative fashion statement. It's a go-to wardrobe staple that I wear almost daily.

Actually, that's not even exaggerating. I wear a cardigan at least 4 days a week...and usually it's more like 7.

Here are the Top 5 reasons I love cardigans for today's Top 5 Tuesday post.

//1. Cardigans keep me warm. In the winter time or in the frigid air conditioned office, my cardigans always keep me toasty and warm.

//2. Cardigans provide a pop of color to my wardrobe. A basic dress or skirt is completely revitalized with the addition of a brightly colored cardigan. Most of my cardigans are actually bright or pastel colors for this very reason.

//3. Cardigans are a fairly conservative fashion staple. I don't usually feel comfortable showing my arms so cardigans are a great way to wear sleeveless tops and dresses and are light enough to wear even in the summer.

//4. Cardigans are fashionable. Yep, they are just fashionable. Not too trendy and not too basic. They can be mixed up with patterns and cuts or kept simple, but they will always remain a classic piece of fashion.

//5. Cardigans are versatile. Button them up and wear with a skinny belt to be more like a shirt. Leave them open over a loose-fitting tee to function more like a blazer. These can literally be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans and shorts. They are just as at-home at the Kentucky Derby as they are at a Kentucky football game.

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Images via this pinboard.

Does anyone else share my love for these sweater wonders?


  1. I love them, but shockingly have none . . . I know right?!!! And can I say that the first outfit, love EVERYTHING about it, especially that wooden bead necklace. Completely coveting one of those right now.

  2. Loving your blog!


  3. Cardis are the best. I think my love of them stems directly from your love of them. My dream outfit is comfy jeans, a white v-neck tee and a gray cardi. And of course, moccasins. : )

  4. i'm obsessed with cardigans! I have dozens. literally.

  5. I am a huge cardigan fan especially for work. Dress them up or down - they are so versatile!

  6. Too funny, I am working on an obsessions post and on my to do list is to assemble the billions of cardigans that I own and photograph them. I have a serious addiction to cardigans. I wear one most days of the week.


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