Monday, March 18, 2013

Over the Weekend

 Somehow, it just so happens that whenever I have a bad or stressful week at work, I tend to have really awesome weekends. Is that just me??

Anywho, after a not-so-great week at work, a few coworkers and I met for wine and apps at a local wine shop. I found a new delicious wine and sampled some of this place's famous truffle fries. Mmmmm.

Then, Saturday came. M took me TO THE ZOO! It was so amazing! [Here's where I should tell you, in case you didn't already know, that I love zoos.] So when M suggested we go I could hardly sleep the night before because I was so excited.

And y'all, the zoo didn't disappoint! I saw some of my fave animals and took some cool pictures.

Oh, y'all, I got SO many awesome pics of the flamingos. And M was a good boyfriend and went to that exhibit twice with me. He even took my pic in front of it. :) After our zoo trip, I introduced M to the amazingness that is Rush's. All my SC readers know what Rush's is. (Well, the Columbia-area ones, at least.) I was reared on Rush's and try to find a chance to go there whenever I'm in town.

Sunday was pretty low-key. Church, then lunch, then a nap. Oh! But I did score a pair of sheets at Marshall's for really cheap. They are super-nice and really soft sheets. Holla!

Overall, I'd say it was a great weekend. I just hope that having a great weekend doesn't mean I have to go through a crappy week at work. [Crosses fingers] Hopefully this week will be better.

Did you do anything fun with weekend?

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