Friday, March 15, 2013

Men's Spring Style

Better late than never, right? Today's post, that is. :)
Next Thursday is the first day of Spring. Man, I just love springtime. ALMOST as much as I love the fall. [Note, if football was played during it then Spring might officially be my favorite season.]
Something I also love are men.
While a lot of us ladies are very excited about debuting spring colors, styles or pedicures, we often neglect the spring fashion of our male counterparts. Now, I fully know that the average man isn't interested in what the spring fashion trends are. However, it's fun to at least look and see what's big in the male fashion industry this season.
So, shall we?
1. Gray. Gray is making a huge comeback this season for men. Not all shades...but more specifically a pale shade of gray. Can I just say that this shade of gray with a pastel shirt? LOVE!
2. Loafers. Love these! I also have seen quite a number of men wearing these with jeans already. A word of socks. Okay?

3. Pocket squares! Oh man, this is exciting. I've always thought pocket squares were super-fancy and chic. I'm glad that they are big this year.
4. Double Denim. Yep. The dreaded DD. I am NOT a fan of this look. However, it is pretty big this spring.
Wallace & Barnes mockneck stripe sweater
5. Stripes! This is another trend I can definitely get behind. I love me some stripes so men in stripes? Yes please!
Would you try any of these trends? (if male) Would you want your spouse/bf/etc. to try any of these? (if female)


  1. I completely disagree about double denim. I think, when done properly, it can look fantastic on both sexes. The main thing is to wear very different colors of denim so that you're not wearing a denim suit (like Justin Timberlake back when he was with Britney - ick).

  2. No no no no double denim. Ever at all no no no.

    I love the loafer look.

  3. I love the gray and the loafers! However, I am no a fan of the DD. Never have been, never will be.


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