Thursday, March 14, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday, friends. Let's celebrate the day before the weekend starts with few cool things. Shall we?

//I might be trying to replicate this outfit this weekend. Except I don't have mint pants. Oh darn, excuse to go shopping...

mint pants and polka dots

//Here's another handy little cheat sheet for y'all this week. But this time it's for shoes!

the new professional shoe grid pointy almond peep-toe round open

//This headline makes me VERY happy. I no longer have to cheer for Wes in private because I hate his team. Now I can be a full-fledged Wes fan. :)

//Has anyone tried The Bread from Pioneer Woman? I kind of really, REALLY want to.

//Caption: When my friend texts me a picture of all the breast milk she pumped with the caption "Got Milk".

//Sigh. This kitchen. Beautiful.

Ultimate Guide to Kitchens

//I am absolutely loving this dress. Though I fear I'm not able to pull off this shade of peach very well. :( | It recently came to my attention that I do not own a pair of plain black flats. Shocking, I know. However, I think these presh ones will work quite nicely, don't you? | This DIY confetti wall art project is definitely on my to-do list. | Thoughts on the new Bloglovin Boutique?

//Lastly, I leave you with this. I like pigs. As much as the Geico talking pig bothers me (he has human teeth and that FREAKS me out) these little guys are adorbs.

Animal Photos That Will Make You Smile #adorable #funny #cute #baby #animal #photography #lol

 Have an adorable Thursday.


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