Wednesday, October 26, 2011

diy halloween: a frightening front door

A wonderful way to draw trick-or-treaters to your house is by having a festive front door! A spiffy li'l Halloween wreath can take care of that. Here are a few cool ideas for a DIY Halloween wreath. Some of them require a trip to the craft store and some of them utilize stuff you have at home.

Enjoy and happy haunting!

Krystal's Halloween Rag Wreath

10-3-11 045

The Fabric Wreath from 36th Avenue.

Yay for wreath crafts. Also, it's good to lure trick-or-treaters to your home to give them candy. It's bad to make wreaths to lure children to your home in-general. That's a little Hansel and Gretel...


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