Tuesday, October 25, 2011

diy halloween: top 5 tuesday

Today's DIY Halloween post is tied into a Top 5 Tuesday post about costumes. In the last few years I've basically been known for my famous Halloween costumes, and because I'm cheap, all of them have been done for under $25. So today, I share with you my Top 5 favorite Halloween costumes that I've made and a brief explanation on how I made it.

In random order:

1) Swine Flu. You will learn that I'm a fan of the double entendree costumes. In this one, I simply found a very cheap light pink sweatsuit and a pair of angel wings from Walmart. I had some scrap pink felt that I cut and sewed into pig ear shapes, stuffed them with plastic grocery bags and sewed them to the hood of the sweatshirt. I had a pig nose already (long story...and it sort of inspired the costume.) Oh, and this was the year of the H1N1 epidemic so it was very timely.

(the powdered sugar on my eye/nose is from a game...it's not...you know)

2) Charlie Chaplin. A black blazer and white dress shirt with a black bowtie. Slick your hair back and wear a black bowler hat. Also, I drew a moustache with black eyeliner. Another accessory I had was a quasi-pageant mother making me "do the walk!" for the costume contest judges. The walk? The classic Charlie Chaplin jovial swagger.

3) Deviled Egg. I bought a white fitted sheet from Walmart and cut a large yellow circle out of construction paper. I folded the sheet in half and cut a slit for my head then stapled the yellow "yolk" to the center of the sheet. I wore devil horns and carried a pitchfork. I also had red wig. All the devil costume stuff was borrowed from a friend.

4) Loofah. Probably the easiest costume ever. I bought what was left of a bolt of purple tulle fabric from Hobby Lobby (about $10 worth) and proceeded to loop and safety pin the loops of it onto an old black tank top I had. I just kept bunching and pinning until it formed a loofah shape. I made a smaller poof and glued it to a headband and added some white yarn to make the hanging cord of the loofah. It was a hit once people figured out what I was.

5) Paula Deen. Okay, well this one hasn't actually happened yet, but it's a sure bet for this year. All I need to actually purchase is a gray wig and I'll wear some bright colored, looser clothing, lots and lots of rings and makeup and I'll walk around handing out sticks of butter and greeting people by saying "Love and best dishes from my kitchen to y'alls!"

What are some of your best homemade or mostly homemade costumes?

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  1. I love your costumes. So witty and clever. I am super impressed and can't wait to see Paula Deen! :)


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