Sunday, October 9, 2011

savory, albeit strange

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am the queen of putting unusual stuff together when I cook/bake. Any recipe or idea that takes food out of their normal category or pairings and puts them with something else unusual is definitely a recipe worth trying in my book. I love putting salty and sweet stuff together. Or savory and sweet. Or savory and salty. This unusual taste penchant is evidenced in the fact that I absolutely love the following:
-Banana and Mayonnaise Sandwiches (okay, usually I do this with Miracle Whip...)
-Popcorn and M&Ms mixed together at the movie theaters
-Banana, Bologna and Mayo Sandwiches (I know...)

Anywho. Now that you're thoroughly grossed out, you should know that I'm not the ONLY one who has unusual or abnormal tastes. Lately, I've found some delicious looking recipes/photos on Pinterest that I really, REALLY want to try. Like these...

Apple Cheddar & Bacon Panini
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The Frozen Elvis: frozen banana dipped in chocolate and rolled in peanuts and bacon bits.
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Bacon Stuffed Avocado with Balsamic Soy Sauce Drizzle
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Chocolate Covered Bacon- oh my LORD!
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So, whaddya say?? Any of these recipes make you want to come over to the "dark side" of cooking?? You know, where not EVERYTHING is measured out and not everything seems to go together?

Besides, you KNOW you want to try the chocolate covered bacon! Side note- the fact that all of these recipes contained bacon was purely coincidence...though I do love the BACON.

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  1. Not an apple fan... BUT that frozen Elvis looks amaaaazing.


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