Wednesday, October 5, 2011

should I dare?

Lately, I've been SO inspired by this tumblr page. Not only is Tanesha GORGEOUS but the girl has some amazing curves. She (in my opinion) wears jeggings and skinny jeans with poise and killer confidence. But let's be honest, curvy/larger ladies and skinny jeans/jeggings are not traditionally the best combo, right? I thought so..........until I saw these pics.

Mustard Mix

Ladies, (whatever size you may be) care to weigh in? (no pun intended...) What do you think about this look? Is my gut correct to avoid this look like the plague or is it curve-lovin' enough to try??

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. She looks great. You should definitely try it. I'm not brave enough, though.

  2. Definitely! I pair mine with heels or tall boots because I'm not confident enough to do flats yet.

  3. April, we've met, so you know I'm a curvy girl. I own 3 pairs of skinny jeans / jeggings and I love them! Last Sunday I wore jeggings with a horizontal striped shirt and was told I looked like I was losing weight. How's that for a mythbuster? Go for it!

  4. YES! You know you can rock this look! I think the key is to stay with leg elongating heels or boots. You got this!

  5. definitely!! try them!! get a really good pair and a nice dark wash :) i love to wear them with my boots, uggs(hehe), and sometimes flats..... & those pictures are awesome! inspiring!


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