Monday, October 24, 2011

diy halloween: a modern costume take

Hiya blog tastic readers!!

I'm going to be doing a few Halloween inspired blog posts this week to get you in the mood for the howliday...I mean holiday. But these posts won't just be your run-of-the-mill Halloween post, these will all have a do-it-yourself (diy) feel to them so that you can not only celebrate this holiday but do it cheaply!

For today's post, I've done a few outfits that will give you the look of a costume without all the of commitment. So maybe your office does a Halloween dress-up party, and you want to find a healthy medium between 3-hole punch Jim and Andy at a cat from Cats, try something like this...

modern halloween costumes

modern halloween costumes 2
You know how most adult women costumes are ridiculously, um, trashy looking? They show lots 'o' chest and lots 'o' leg and quite frankly, look ridiculous. These ideas will help you look freshly festive without resorting to the old cowgirl or witch standby.


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