Saturday, October 29, 2011

freshly pinned

I'm linking up with Jessica over at Jessica N Designs for a quick and dirty Freshly Pinned post.

Here are some of my most recent pins on Pinterest. Not familiar with Pinterest? It's a place to "pin" all of your favorite things on to boards and look at other people's favorite things.

A few of my most recent pins are...

Sensing a theme? I'm digging the diy brooch bouquet, multi-colored diy tiered serving platters and diy bejeweled pumps.

I just unpacked and put up all my jewelry last week so I've been searching for creative ways to display it. I like the idea of something a bit rustic like this chicken wire in a wooden frame or a diy tiered tray (again) but this time for rings and earrings instead of cupcakes. :) Oh, and I'm always pinning pictures of sparkly shoes. I can't help it. And these are flats too!! So they are totally wearable!
What are you pinning lately? Link up here.

If you need a Pinterest invite, send me an email. aprilanne147[at]hotmail[dot]com.


  1. visiting from jessicandesigns! i want to attempt to make tiers of my own... it's on my to-do list (and those heals are cracking me up)!

  2. I have an earring holder just like the one pictured with the frame and wire...they are super easy to make.


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