Friday, October 14, 2011

the long and short of it

I got the idea of this post from Kelly over at Simply Kelly. Here is a link to her original post. I've had lots of different hair styles over the years, and even some different hair colors. I usually end up settling into a hair routine, which is sort of a longish and flippy. I've never grown my hair out REALLY long as an adult just because it's pretty fine. So, I've fluctuated between short and long hairstyles. I've had bangs and no bangs and occasionally, I'll scrunch it up and let my natural wave come out.

But now, for your viewing pleasure, I've decided to show some of the different styles I've had.

There was the mid-length cut:

Then there was the shorter cut with bangs:

Then we have the curly/wavy 'do:

But what I usually end up with most of the time is the long and flippy sort of look:

And then...there's I call the Mixed Bag:

So, as you can see, I've been all through the mid-length hair spectrum but I've never really been super-adventurous sans a brief bob at 22 and a reddish hue at 19/20. Which one do you like? Do you tend towards a certain hairstyle or do you like to switch it up?

[I'd really love to know if you (the readers) have any questions for me. If you do, feel free to comment with the questions or email them to me at aprilanne147 [at] hotmail [dot] com. Your questions can be about ANYTHING! I'll answer personal questions, style questions, advice questions, etc. Send 'em over (or reply with a comment to this post) and I'll combine all the questions and answers into one big post next week. It might even be a VIDEO BLOG! :)]


  1. I am almost never a fan of bangs on anyone. Except Zooey Daschnel.
    I always picture you as you are in the first row, but looking at these pictures, I kind of think my favorites are the longer/flippy look in row four.

  2. Thanks for mention :-). Love the mid length blonde styles the best--- love the pics!

  3. You know I have always voted for the red! I thought it was super cute on you.


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