Tuesday, October 18, 2011

top 5 tuesday: cable & internet

Y'all, it's been a hot minute since I've posted on the ol' blog. I'm sorry for this. You see, in the midst of moving, I've not had time to set up my cable or The Internets yet. So, feel sorry for me. Feel REALLY sorry because I don't have anything to entertain me except for books, unpacking and Hewitt. :)

Today's Top 5 Tuesday post is gonna be quick and dirty and it's going to be the Top 5 things I've noticed about myself whilst not having cable or The Internets. (Internet must be spelled with an 's' and have the word "The" before it...always.)

Top 5 Things I've Noticed About Myself From Not Having Modern Entertainment:
1. I really don't love the quiet as much as I thought I did. I like having the tv on for background noise but any kind of background music distracts me. What IS that?!?!
2. I miss my early evening companions, mostly: Paula Deen, the NCIS crew and the Top Gear guys.
3. My dog actually makes a lot of noise (that I guess is normally covered up by the television) like grunting and growling. HA!
4. I really, REALLY miss catching up with all of the blogs I follow. I feel like I'm missing an arm or something. Okay, not really an arm...probably like a toe or an eyebrow.
5. I haven't been on Facebook in 2 days. GASP! I know, I know. Surprisingly, I don't miss it that much. I miss catching up on blogging more.

Well, ladies and germs, that's it for today. Short and sweet. Stay tuned tomorrow for another interesting blog post!

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  1. i actually kinda like fun little observational posts like these! :)

    i cant stand background noise (which is a newer development in my life) music is alright, but TV drives me nuts. i love being at home in silence. but maybe its cause i'm in a noisy office all day?

    when mylie stopped living with me full time, i noticed how much i talked with her - which is the funniest thing - i'd go to say something every 30 seconds....to an empty room. which isn't much better than a dog....but still, a dog has a heartbeat ;)


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