Monday, October 10, 2011

over the weekend (with pics)

For today's post, I may bore some of you, but for others of you who like to keep up with me via my blog, this may interest you.

The following is a brief re-cap of my wonderful Wilmington weekend...

On Friday night the B and tried a delicious new Mexican restaurant that will definitely become one of the regular restaurants in our rotation. On Saturday I made some of my Nanny's famous hot dog chili and hot dogs to eat while we (or more appropriately, I) planned to cheer on my Gamecocks. Unfortunately, we realized that the SC game was on some obscure channel that we didn't get so we couldn't watch it. I understand they pretty much massacred Kentucky anyway, so NBD. :)

The B's sister and her fiancee came down to Wilmington on Saturday afternoon so we did lots of fun, touristy stuff with them. Once they got here we tried out a new Italian restaurant that was a big hit. We then took a road tour of Wilmington courtesy of the B (which included an evening beach stroll) we ended up at a cute little 50s diner/soda shop where I had the world's largest chocolate chip cookie FRESH out of the oven. YUM! (sorry no pics of the was nighttime and let's be didn't really last all that long enough to get a photo)

On Sunday, the B and I cooked breakfast for our guests (chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon) and then we set off for Riverfest in downtown Wilmington. It was a super-cool outdoor festival with live music, food, arts & crafts and lots of cool stuff. There was a pirate ship docked on the river and a TON of seagulls swarming around. HA! Here are some of the more "artistic" shots I took while downtown.

After the festival we came back home in time to catch the last half of the Panthers/Saints game and I got to see my Drew play. (!!!) After a quick nap (for some) and a walk (for Hewitt and I) we went down to Carolina Beach to walk around on the boardwalk area. It was really windy but still kind of fun. Here are a few pretty shots I took around Carolina Beach.

Dinner took us back uptown to the riverwalk area and to Front Street Brewery where I had an AMAZING turkey, bacon, apple and provolone wrap. It was so good!! (and totally random that I'd just blogged about it yesterday too!!!) We finished up the evening with a trip to the Kilwin's Fudge Shop which I definitely should not have discovered.

Seriously, this was a JAM-PACKED weekend but it was really fun. It was a great time with great people. I can't wait to continue to discover more about this new city I call home!


  1. Sounds like a great time! You'll have to try Islands Fresh Mex there in Wilmington... my hubs has the Home Depot in his district and eats at Islands just about every time he's in Wilm. They have super yummy freshly made (in front of you) burritos.

    I heart Wilmington. :-)

  2. I LOVE that you are LOVING wilmington! Miss you but so happy that you are happy :)

  3. Sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend.

  4. This post really made me miss home but, in a good way. I RSS to your blog and usually see your posts at the very end of my day. Definitely brings some perkiness and positivity to my day. :)


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