Thursday, October 27, 2011

diy halloween: not your average jack-o-lantern

A normal carved Jack-o-Lantern is definitely a Halloween staple, but it's also kind of BO-RING. I'm a huge fan of changing up the pumpkin with paint, yarn, fabric and most definitely glitter.

Sort of like these: (from Pinterest)

For a more chic look, keep a color palette of 2-3 colors and use pretty stencils.

Pumpkins covered in gathered velvet have a nice posh vibe to them.

Pinned Image
How about a little paint AND some sequins? Oh, and a glittered spider too!

Pinned Image
How about some yarn-wrapped pumpkins? Yes please!

Pinned Image
An average Jack-o-Lantern is pumped up with some glossy black spray paint.

Now, stay tuned tomorrow for the last day of DIY Halloween where we'll discuss the most creative ways to use your leftover pumpkin. :) Happy Thursday!

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  1. That glossy black one is kinda BA. The others are kinda fru-fru.


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